Welcome to Velocity Pointe, a company specializing in management technologies which:

  •  Create long term increase in revenue streams

  •  Aggressively achieve market dominance

  •  Enhance the working environment while increasing efficiency and throughput

  •  Leverage the current successes of the business - builds on strengths

  •  Are extremely affordable - the cost of implementation is a fraction of the increase in profits

The unique strength of the Velocity Pointe offerings comes from the understanding that business today is interaction-centric rather than simply additive.  In fact in many cases interaction effects dominate the business output.

As an example, in a company with an ongoing stream of projects, the individual projects interact with one another through the shared resources.  Our TM2 management technology directly deals with the Project/Resource interaction to make a major improvement in the capacity to complete projects (typically a greater than 2X improvement).

By identifying the key points in an organization where these interactions exist, management can apply strategies and tactics to exploit them.  Contact us for details concerning real world successes.

The management technologies are a clear case of working smarter not harder.  Arthur C. Clarke once said that, "Any advanced form of technology is indistinguishable from magic."  Velocity Pointe removes the magic for you while your competitors are left behind wondering what has happened.


The management technologies are distinctive in that they leverage the strength of the existing company and the senior management.  Our goal is to create a new level of performance in your company so that your competitor's hands-off delegation-only management is left with a single option - to follow as best they can... if they can.

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